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Improvement Plan

New Erosion and Sediment Control Ordinance
As of July 1, 2015, in accordance with the City's NPDES MS4 Phase II permit, an erosion and sediment control plan (ESCP) is required for any project that requires a permit (Building/Encroachment/Grading).
Erosion and Sediment Control Plan Worksheet

Refer to Ordinance No. 1199-CS

Refer to Ordinance No. 981-CS
New Landscape and Irrigation Ordinance
More Information

Download the City of Turlock Landscape Documentation Package Submittal form and Certificate of Completion documents.

For additional information and a link to the California State Department of Water Resources website, including an online 'Water Budget Worksheet, click here.
Improvement plans shall be prepared under the direction of, and signed by, a registered civil engineer licensed by the State of California. Improvement plans shall include, but not be limited to, grading, utilities, street improvements, parking lots, landscaping and related facilities. The improvement drawings shall show complete plans, profiles, and details for all required improvements to be constructed, both public and private, including common areas.

The developer shall submit improvement plans and all computations to the City Engineer for review. Upon completion of the review, one set of the preliminary plans, with the required revisions indicated, shall be returned to the developer's engineer. After completing all required revisions, the developer's engineer shall transmit the originals of the improvement plans to the City Engineer for signature. Upon finding that all required revisions have been made and that the plans conform to all applicable City laws, design review requirements, and conditions of approval of the land use permit, the City Engineer shall sign and date the original mylar set of the plans. The originals shall be returned to the developer's engineer.

Approval by the City Engineer shall in no way relieve the developer or the developer's engineer from responsibility for the design of the improvements, and for any deficiencies resulting from the design, or from any required conditions of approval of the land use permit.

The following must be completed prior to issuance of permits with applicable projects:
Erosion and Sediment Control Plan Worksheet
Post Construction Project Worksheet for Small and Regulated Projects
Monument Preservation Certificates

Improvement plans must be approved prior to issuance of:
Encroachment Permit Application
Grading Permit Application
Building Permit Application

Applicant to provide the following:

First Submittal

  • Mandatory Items
    • One Improvement Plan Application
    • One (1) copy of the land use permit
      • Land use permit may include one or more of the following associated with the project:
        • Conditions of approval (tentative or vesting tentative map)
        • Use permit issued by the Planning Division (i.e., GPA, Pre-zone, Re-zone, PD, CUP, MDP, MAA, TULP, etc.)
        • Conditions generated from the submittal of a building permit.
    • Five (5) copies of the civil and landscape improvement plans on bond
    • Plan check fee deposit of $325.00
  • The City Engineer may require additional documents such as but not limited to:
    • Three (3) copies of sewer demand calculations
    • Three (3) copies of storm drainage calculations
    • Three (3) copies of soils report
    • Current Title Report and any pertinent items shown in report
    • Current Deed of parcel being developed
    • Letter of consent, signed by current owner

Subsequent Submittals

  • Mandatory Items
    • Three (3) copies of the revised improvement plans on bond
    • Redlined drawings returned after previous submittal
    • Engineer's estimate for on-site and off-site improvements. Estimates shall include all proposed work including landscaping. Contractor's estimates may be substituted for Engineer's estimates upon approval by the City Engineer
    • Three (3) copies of any additional information or calculations requested as a result of any previous plan review
    • Three (3) copies of any previously submitted calculations that required revision
Note: If the improvement plans require more than two (2) reviews prior to the final submittal, a non-refundable fee of $250.00 will be required with any subsequent submittal in order to continue review.

Final Submittal

  • One (1) copy of the improvement plans on bond, signed and stamped
  • Redlined drawings returned after previous submittal
  • Revised Engineer's estimate signed and stamped
For questions contact Anthony Orosco
P.E., Senior Civil Engineer
Office: (209) 668-5486.

For more information or concerns about improvement plan review and approval, please contact:

Sr Civil Engineer
Anthony Orosco, P.E.
156 S Broadway
Turlock, CA 95380
(209) 668-5486
Monday - Friday 8am-5pm

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