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Adult Slowpitch Rules & Regulations

The City of Turlock Recreation Division will follow ASA Rules and Regulations with the following league exceptions.

Rule Amendments for Coed league

Whenever, in these rules and regulations, "he" or "him" or their related pronouns may appear either as words or as part of words, they have been used for literary purposes and are meant in their generic sense (i.e., to include all humankind or both female and male sexes).

Sec. 1The City of Turlock does not carry Medical or Accidental Insurance on any of its City wide programs. This responsibility lies with each individual on a team.
Sec. 2A physicians clearance is recommended for all participants prior to participation.
Sec. 1All players must be 18 years of age or out of high school. All rosters will be classified upon review by the classification committee and the Recreation Supervisor-Sports with the final classification decision made by the Recreation Supervisor-Sports.
Sec. 2Persons who play on any high school, college, or professional softball/baseball team will not be eligible for play in league until their season is over for their respective level, except when noted by the League Director.
Sec. 3All players must sign a team roster releasing the City from any responsibility from accidents occurring during the program. The team manager assumes the responsibility for having all team members sign the roster. Failure to sign will result in immediate forfeiture of all games and may result in the team being removed from the league.
Sec. 4All games will automatically be declared a forfeit in which an ineligible player has participated.
Sec. 5A team may protest a game in which they thought the opposing team used ineligible players. This protest must be done before the conclusion of the game and in writing on the Pedretti Park Illegal Player Protest Form. This form can be found at Pedretti Park. Please contact the game official for a copy of the form and return to official before leaving the park. A protest fee of $25.00 is required for any team to protest, which is to be paid at the Community Services office. This fee will be refunded if the opposing team is found to have used non-rostered participants on the game protested. Address all written protests to City of Turlock, Community Services, Attn: Mark Crivelli, 301 Starr Ave., Turlock, Ca 95380.

a. Exception - A protest fee is not required for playoff or championship games.

b. All protests for playoffs and championship game must be made by before the last out of the game.
Sec. 1The maximum number of players carried on a roster is twenty (20). All players must sign the official roster prior to participating or they are ineligible and cannot play(see Rule 2, sec 1).
Sec. 2Each team must submit an official team roster (available at the Recreation Division office) by the deadline set for the program. The roster must be filled out completely with all players having signed the roster. Teams who fail to meet this deadline may be dropped from the program.
Sec. 3Any player who signs a roster that is submitted before the classification committee places the teams in leagues, may play in the playoffs, regardless of number of games played. Teams may add players to their roster during a league providing they fill out an Add/Drop Form (available at the Recreation Division office). All player fees must be paid for the remainder of games to be played in that season. Players to be added must sign the Add/Drop Form to be eligible to participate. The Recreation Supervisor-Sports will review all Add/Drop Forms for approval or denial of roster changes.

a. For the Spring and Fall leagues, players that are added to a roster must play in 50% plus one (1) game to be eligible to play in the playoffs.

b. For the summer league, players that added to the roster must play in 50% plus one of the games (1) of the games in the half that the team qualifies for the playoffs.
Sec. 4The League Director reserves the right to allow additions to any roster providing it is done to eliminate future forfeits by that respective team.
Sec. 5The League Director reserves the right to place teams in leagues according to their ability or if their league does not fill up, which may override a team's preference as to the night or league they play.
Sec. 6Players may NOT play on more than one team. Any other teams that players appear on a line up will automatically forfeit those games and players will be suspended for their next league game.
Sec. 1Sign ups for this program will be set by the City of Turlock.
Sec. 2Each team is required to pay the entry fee at sign ups and must have a minimum of 10 players on roster with all signatures.
Sec. 3All checks are to be made payable to the City of Turlock.
Sec. 1Game balls for league games will be provided by the City of Turlock.
Sec. 2All games will be played as per the official schedule.
Sec. 3Uniforms are not required. Metal cleats are not allowed. The City of Turlock recommends catcher's masks to be worn; they are not, however, required.
Sec. 4All bats will be checked by the officials and conform to ASA bat rules and regulations for league play. All Non-Approved ASA bats, All Miken Bats and All Titanium bats are banned from City league play.
Sec. 5No earrings are allowed to be worn during play.
Sec. 6A.S.A batters box will used for league play. Front line of the batters box and the side line at the heels of the players feet will be enforced for safety.
NOTE:The advisory committee for this program is the Adult Softball Advisory Committee. Meetings are held periodically throughout the year, or, if necessary to hear issues raised during the season. All members are appointed by the League Director. Anyone wishing to be placed on the committee must contact the League Director.
Sec. 1The League Director for this program is the Recreation Sports Supervisor for the City of Turlock Recreation Division. The League Director is not responsible for any win, loss, or tie that may occur.

a. For Conflict resolution, the League Director will communicate only with the team manager, as listed on the current league roster.

b. The coach or manager of a team can appeal to the Adult Softball Advisory Committee. A special meeting will be called to discuss the issues at hand with a resulting decision made by the committee.

c. If a player or team needs to appeal further, the final appeal may be made to the League Director. This final appeal will result in the final decision for the issue(s) at hand. No further appeals will be accepted.

Sec. 2Awards will be given to champions and runners up only. Champions will receive individual awards.
Sec. 3There will be a $25.00 forfeit fee for this program. Any team that causes a forfeit will not be allowed to play until the fee is paid. The $25.00 will be given to the winning team as a result of the forfeit. It is the responsibility of the winning team to notify the League Director to collect the forfeit fee. All fees must be paid to the City of Turlock Recreation Services before 5:00pm of the day of their next game. Any team that causes a forfeit to occur will be evaluated by the League Director and may be removed from further play without a refund and/or may be denied the opportunity to participate in future leagues.

Sec. 4All protests, other than ineligible players (SEE Rule 2), must be made to umpires at the time of the violation and not after the conclusion of the game. The protesting team must inform the umpire to write in the score-book when the protest occurred. This must be done before the next pitch. The protest must cover a specific rule and not a judgement call. A written protest explaining the grounds of the protest must be filed with the Recreation Services within 48 business hours from 8:00am the next day (Monday if the game is played on Friday) of the protest along with a $25.00 protest fee, payable to the City of Turlock. If the protest upheld, the money will be refunded. Postmarks will be accepted.
Sec. 5The league protest committee will consist of the Recreation Supervisor-Sports (or representative) and a minimum of two representatives from the Players Advisory Committee.
Sec. 6Each manager will be mailed a copy of the schedule which will indicate time, date, and site. It is their responsibility to make sure that all players are aware of and understand the league rules and regulations.

a. The City of Turlock will mail the manager of each team one copy of the league schedule for both the first and second half of each league. It is the responsibility of the manager to pick up additional schedules from the Recreation Office at 301 Starr Ave.
Sec. 7All teams with the best record in their league, of those leagues with halves, will be moved up regardless of the night they will be moved to. All teams with the worst record in their league, of those leagues with halves, will be moved down regardless of the night they will be moved to. The Recreation Supervisor-Sports reserves the right to move teams up or down more than one league if necessary.

a. All teams have the option of notifying the League Director as to what night they cannot play. Please fill out the appropriate information on the roster. This will only apply to the first half in the summer league.

b. Due to the potentially large variation in caliber of Women's leagues, Women's teams may or may not be moved up or down at the half at the discretion of the League Director.

Sec. 8All rosters will be checked before playoffs and championship games.
Sec. 1All games will be governed by the current official ASA Rule Book rules and regulations except as noted within.
Sec. 2Uniforms regulations for this league have been waived.
Sec. 3Home team is listed according to schedule.
Sec. 4When scorekeepers are in use, all official score books will be kept by the Home team. Once the game has started, if the official scorekeeper fails to keep score the entire game, then they will forfeit the game. If the Home team cannot provide a scorekeeper, then the Home team forfeits the Home team status and the Away team will become the Home team. If neither team can provide a scorekeeper, then the team listed as Home is the Home team and the book is passed between the teams.

NOTE: Score keeper shall be some 16 years or older or under the discrepancy of the umpire.
Sec. 5The home run rule will be as follows:

All Leagues -One (1) home run per inning is allowed everything hit after that will be an out.

NOTE: Homerun is over the fence and untouched. A 4-base award is not a homerun.
Sec. 6Teams must have a minimum of eight (8) player to start or finish a game. A team may play with fewer than they started with if a player or players must leave due to a job conflict or injury. Players who are removed from the lineup due to a job, injury, emergency or conflict must leave the ballpark. Teams that have less than eight players at any time during the course of a game, must forfeit the game.
Sec. 7Official game time will be scheduled game time unless changed by the official. At official game time, teams with less than eight (8) players have a ten (10) minute grace period in which to start the game. During the grace period, the team that has enough players to start the game will receive one (1) run for every two (2) minutes until the undermanned team is ready to field eight (8) players. For the odd minutes late, the minutes will be rounded up (i.e., 0-2 min - 1 run; 2:01 - 4 min - 2 runs; etc.). This will be for all official game times, not only the first game of the evening. Once there are eight (8) players, the game will start.
Sec. 8Time limit on all games is 65 minutes. No inning may start after time has expired. In the playoffs, the time limit on the first game is 75 minutes. Second game will start at official game time or conclusion of first game. There is a 90 minute limit on the second and third games.
Sec. 9Alcoholic beverages are not permitted at Pedretti Park at any time. Players and teams are subject to immediate ejection from the facility. GLASS BOTTLES OR CONTAINERS ARE NOT ALLOWED AT PEDRETTI PARK AT ANY TIME FOR ANY REASON.
Sec. 10Players may be added to the line up sheet once the game has started, provided they are eligible players. All players that will be entering the game must be entered at bottom of batting order, up to 16 players may appear on the line up. All players adding to the line-up must report with the umpire and score keeper before batting.

Note: A total of 16 batters may be added after the game has started.
Sec. 11No more than ten (10) players may be in the field.
Sec. 12One courtesy runner is allowed per inning. The courtesy runner is out if they are on base when it is their turn to bat. You may not take a courtesy runner off base to come to bat.
Sec. 13There is no run limit.
Sec. 14No one under the age of 15 is allowed inside the team area. No children are allowed on the playing field at any time regardless of age.
Sec. 15ASA pitching/batting rules will be in effect with the following emphasis/exception in these leagues:

ALL LEAGUES - recreational strike box (measuring 22" x 42"), 6' - 12' pitch, with the count starting at 1 - 1. Batters will be allowed one foul ball when batter has two (2) strikes in the count.

In recreational strike box, the pitched ball must arch at least six (6) feet, from the ground, before it passes any part of home plate. The pitched ball shall not rise higher than twelve (12) feet from the ground. In order for a pitch to be considered a strike, the pitched ball must land inside the recreational strike box. If the batter hits the ball fair or foul while stepping on or in the strike box, the batter is out and the ball is dead. All leagues will have a batter's box. Batter may not hit the ball if they have crossed over, in front of, or behind the batter's box line.
Sec.16A player, coach, or umpire who is bleeding or has blood on his uniform, cannot participate until he is treated or his uniform is changed. If this is accomplished in a reasonable amount of time, the player does not have to leave the game. The amount of time that is reasonable is left to the umpire's judgement. The City of Turlock Recreation Services will allow a courtesy player to fill in on a short-term temporary basis while the bleeding is attended to and/or the required uniform change is made. If this cannot be accomplished in a reasonable amount of time, a substitution will be required or the player will be dropped from the lineup. A team is still required to have eight (8) players. The courtesy player must be a member of the team. Time will not be suspended because of the blood rule unless the injury prevents the player from leaving the field for required treatment and/or uniform change.
Sec. 17All leagues will have playoffs. The playoff format is as follows:

All league rules apply to the playoffs.

Spring/Fall - the top three (3) teams in each league with the best overall record will be in the playoffs. If teams had more than the scheduled number of games due to an odd number of teams in a league, then records will be broken down by winning percentage.

Summer - the 1st half champ (#1 seed), 2nd half champ (#2 seed), and the team with the best overall record (#3 seed) will be in the playoffs; the #3 seed will play the #2 seed with the winner playing the #1 seed for the championship; the #1 seed must lose twice in order to lose the championship. If the same team wins both halves, then the 1st/2nd half champ (#1 seed), the next best overall record (#2 seed), and the following best overall record (#3 seed) will be in the playoffs; the #3 seed will play the #2 seed with the winner playing the #1 seed for the championship; the #1 seed must lose twice in order to lose the championship. Home team is the highest seeded team. “If” game is decided by coin flip.

To break ties, the following will be used in order:

1. Winning percentage (if different # of games played)

2. Head to head competition (when teams play each other - who is the winner)

3. Offensive runs scored head to head

4. Defensive runs allowed head to head

5. Offensive runs scored in league

6. Defensive runs allowed in league

7. Coin Toss
Sec. 18All base runners must peel of to the inside or outside of base path to remove themselves from the base path or can slide if a double play is potentially in effect.
Sec. 19The officials will call all illegal pitches verbally as soon the pitch is recognized as an illegal pitch. The officials will extend their arm out to identify to all players that an illegal pitch has occurred.
Sec. 20If a player is ejected from a game during playoffs, regardless of the infraction, they cannot return for the remainder of the night’s games.
Sec. 21A player ejected from a game will be automatically suspended, at least one game, depending on the severity of the players actions.
Sec. 22Any player ejected from playoff game may not participate in any playoff game for the remainder of the league.
Sec. 23If ejected player leaves team with less players than started with, this spot in the order now becomes an out.
Sec. 24Any batted ball that strikes the pitcher in the air will be an automatic out. This is only in affect if the pitcher is having to defend themselves from a line drive. If the pitcher is trying to make a play on the ball away from their body this rule is not enforced.

For questions about sports programs, please contact:

Recreation Division
144 S. Broadway
Turlock, CA 95380
(209) 668-5594
Monday - Friday, 8AM - 5PM

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